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This is a new solution that can monitor, audit, and gain valuable insight from the content and activity information within MOSS .

MOSS Usage Reporting Solution provides insight into workplace usage, trends and behaviours. It allows everyone from system administrators to business decision makers to access online reports and key information dashboards targeted to their needs, without complex setups and/or direct database access. Business decision makers can quickly navigate through report hierachies to find key information and statistics that can help them understand usage trends for capacity planning, identify key contributors, correlate teams with areas of interests, understand key areas of activities, etc. The solution delivers a unique reporting experience to all workplace users and stakeholder.

The solution processes SharePoint Usage Logs into BI friendly repository. It is based on a custom timer job that executes against SharePoint logs on user defined schedule and exposes data visually in SharePoint. The initial release will focus on usage reporting through Excel services.

Sample reports:

Site Page Request


Monthly Site Hit


Search Queries


Top Ten Referral


Central Administration


Edit Usage Log Processor


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